Nick om Glee, kärlek & en massa annat!

If you’re going out with Nick Jonas, prepare yourself for a romantic, relaxing evening — and one that’s as worry-free for him as it is for you! Yup, the youngest Jonas Brother will be taking you out for a fabulous meal, but he definitely won’t be cooking it!

“A good dinner is always nice,” the 17-year-old Artist of the Year winner told exclusively at our Young Hollywood Awards May 13 of his perfect date. “Somewhere where the music’s not too loud so you can talk. I probably wouldn’t play my own music, maybe [I’d play] Michael Buble instead.”

Unfortunately, the solo — and single - Jo Bro won’t be preparing any tasty treats. “I make a mean bowl of cereal, but that’s it,” he admitted.

Watch this video to find out what Nick thinks about love, relationships , his Broadway ambitions and why he’d love to appear on Glee!
Källa: Hollywood Life


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