JoBros pratar om sin sommarturné!

The Jonas Brothers, set to embark on a summer tour with Joe Jonas’s girlfriend and singer Demi Lovato, touted Twitter as a great way to keep in touch with fans, some of whom are even interested in what the singers had to eat.

“We’re trying to update our fans, said Joe, 20. “It’s exciting for us. It’s interesting the fact that on Twitter, fans are interested if you’re eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

The Jonas Brothers made their comments to On the Red Carpet’s Chris Balish during a recent press tour for for ABC-Disney, the parent company of On The Red Carpet the TV show and Web site

Joe said Twitter comes in handy if the group needed to clear up a rumor or Tweet where they are set to perform next.”We have our Twitter on our phones, each one of us,” said Kevin, 22.
The Jonas Brothers’ U.S. summer tour is set to begin on June 27 in Dallas, Texas.

“We’re going to try and do behind-the-scenes, we’re going to try and do a lot of things with fans,” Joe said. Maybe we’ll take some college softball teams around the country.”

Check out the video interview with the Jonas Brothers!
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