Jonas Brothers Groove to Beat Diabetes

The Jonas Brothers are not only winning over the record charts and tween girls’ hearts. Nick Jonas is also winning his ongoing battle with diabetes. The trio of brothers performed at a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on Sunday and ET sat down with them to find out the latest on his health and what the band has in store for the near future.

Thankful to be in “some of the best health I’ve ever been in,” Nick said, “I think when you’re doing something that’s obviously very close to your heart there is a special connection with it and some of the song’s we’ll be singing tonight brings us back to moments where diabetes played a role in the songwriting.”

With his little brother’s health “under control,” Kevin doesn’t hesitate to keep their schedule jam-packed with music, touring, and TV commitments. The multi-faceted entertainers manage to find some spare time to play softball and golf as well.

As if playing to a bevy of screaming girls and being plastered on posters and calendars and lunchboxes isn’t enough, these over-achieving brothers have even farther reaching dreams in mind. Unabashed to admit it, Nick said, “I’d like to become a professional baseball player, along with becoming the president.” Kevin wants to one day saddle up for the rodeo.

Watch the video to learn more about the Jo Bro’s touring plans, television projects, and philanthropic endeavors.
Källa: Entertainment Tonight


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